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Thread: is this even a brick/ save me from my own stupidity

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    Unhappy is this even a brick/ save me from my own stupidity

    ok im an idiot and tried to install a mymenufy theme and it messed up my wii. i know a brick means it wont boot/boots to a black screen and a semi brick you just cant access settings but mine will boot, goes to the press a screen(changed because of the theme) and then loads the system menu, makes the normal noises, but freezes before i can access anything.
    i have a 4.2u system, have been playing with usb loader, do not have preloader, and just found out that i installed bootmii wrong(as an ios not as boot2) i have a nandroid backup but cant figure out how to use it now.

    is it bricked? or is there something i can do?

    ps i know im an idiot for not having preloader or bootmii, i dont need replies that just call me so without helping..

    pps i have a wiikey, uninstalled that i bought about a year ago, would installing it help anything?

    thank you all for your help

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    ok, nevermind, i did some more searching on the internet and found a site that said to try maintinence mode but it rarely works, it worked for me, i changed the theme to a different one (dont know how to reinstall original) and now its all better(as far as i can tell)
    the site i got it from is this
    Wii Hacks :P: Banner Bricks

    sorry for posting before i had completely searched, but i was scared. now im installing bootmii as boot 2 as i should have done in the first place.


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