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Thread: Getting a wii for xmas - need some tips^^

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    Getting a wii for xmas - need some tips^^

    Hai, totally new to the wii hacking scene, I had one when it first launched but ended up selling to for one reason or another xD But finally seen a ot of new games that interest me and decided to get another one

    I plan on softmodding it to play my backed up games from an external hdd (if this is possible) and other hack-ey delights XD , was just wondering if the firmware the wii ships with (black uk model) is hackable...i hope so lol?

    Any links to guides for hacking for a beginner? i am quite experienced with psp hacking, and pcs in general so, they dont need to be too simple lol


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    my house? XD
    yes all wiis are hackable, black wiis hav the new drive chip so it does not read DVD backups but it works with USB HDD so ur fine.
    here are great tuts for moding wii
    3.1-4.1 ver

    4.2 ver

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    Awesome cheers for the quick reply will give them links a read

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    only tip I can give is dont make any noob threads about stuff already covered on these forums


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