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Thread: Cant get instruments to work for Rock Band games

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    Angry Cant get instruments to work for Rock Band games

    hi, i softmoded my wii by using the "FuLL hacking guide for 4.2 system", everything goes fine except my instruments wont work in any Rock Band games(backups)

    im sure i have done the following step successfully:
    D5) You can now install ios202, ios222, ios223. From HBC, run cios222 installer and select ios249 to use. At the next screen, choose the following, one at each turn:
    -ios202, for usb - using ios38 (needed for USB2.0 support at Media Players)
    -ios222, for uloader - using ios38 (needed for USB support of instruments and stuff)
    -ios223 mainly for GH5 - using ios38 merged with 37 (same as above)

    Need help please!

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    need help plz

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    Are you using a usb loader to play if so I would recommend you install Hermes 22/223 installer.

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Hermes' Ios222/223

    To perform an offline installation you must do the following:
    1)Get NUSDownloader HERE
    2)Run NUSDownloader and download the ioses needed by the app you want to run. For Hermes, I am not too sure which version of ioses 38 37 and 60 are used, so DL all of them to be sure . Mind that you sill need to select the version and not use the "latest version" option.
    3)Make sure you dont check the WAD package option.
    4)A folder will be created in the folder NUSdownloader is. Its name should be sth like \0000000X000000XXvXXXX\...
    5)You must copy the contents of the folder in the SD root, but three folders must be created, which should be named after breaking the original folder name like this: root:\0000000X\000000XX\vXXXX\...
    and inside the folder the files of the IOS should be placed.

    EXAMPLE: folder 0000000100000025v3612 should be in the root like root:\00000001\00000025\v3612\...

    More about how to use NUS.

    If you are using disc please search for guitar hero thread.

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    thank you for the reply, i use back-up dvd to play instead of loading them from useloader, all the games works fine, just RB games dont read the instruments. i have wifi and i installed ios by network download. thx again and happy new yr


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