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Thread: Bootmii Question

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    Bootmii Question

    Using a lot of searching and reading tutorials, I have managed to get a lot of great information from the forums.

    Everything from how to update the WiiKey, to what wads are, how to install them, and the rest - came from here. I would like to thank you all for the great advice or just for making the questions others post visible so we can all learn from them.

    I now have a chipped Wii running games off the USB Loader, which was a holy grail I never thought I would have gotten as far only a few weeks ago.


    For whatever reason, the SD card with the NAND backup is missing. And the original computer where the HD is where the NAND backup was also stored had the HD fail.

    Not wanting to not be able to recover from a possible brick, I am assuming I want to create a NAND backup immediately. However, each time I try to backup the NAND using Bootmii it fails. For the life of me I cannot figure out how I did it the first time (but it did work before).

    Does the SD card have to be a blank one (ie different from the one you used to load BootMii in the first place?)

    It seems like the instructions are straightforward, put BootMii on an SD card, load it, select settings on the menu and then select NAND backup - it gives me a fail -1 error each time.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a link to other bootmii tutorials that I might not have seen?

    Thank you in advance.

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    maybe run the hackmii installer from the hbc and then click to install bootmii and select prepare sd card

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the feedback.

    The BootMii loads, so it isn't that I could not get BootMii to work from the SD card.

    It is that the NAND backup (in settings - shows the arrow leading to the SD card from the chip) fails.

    So I have a working BootMii installed, to Boot2 in fact, and I have backed up the NAND in the past. But for some reason it fails to backup now.

    Do I need to use a different SD card or format it differently? Because there is close to a 1G left on the card it should have enough space.

    And I did use it before, so it should work I assume.

    It is a Transcend 2G card formatted FAT

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    try a diff card. bootmii can be picky. i use a 1gig card

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    Well at least it is doing the backup.

    I followed your advice. Downloaded the program, used a new SD card (the only 1 G I had with Micro so I used it with a SanDisk adapter on a Kingston 1G micro) and used the prepare SD card option in Hackmii menu.

    It seems to work!


    You guys rock. Thanks for the help.

    So my understanding is that I can just copy this to (several ) HDs so that if anything happens I can just load the card and at least have some way to unbrick it, assuming all else goes well.

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    What Tealc had told me to do was after your done doing the nand backup, pop the sd card into your pc and open it up. You should have a nand bin file. He told me to take that off the sd card, and rename it to the date that you created it. If you leave it on your sd card and backup your nand in the future, it will automatically overwrite the old one. So by removing the nand file from your sd card and renaming it on your pc, you can keep track of when you did the backups. Also you might not want to use the most rescent one if you need to unbrick the wii in the future.
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    make sure you take your keys.bin file off there too! that has to stay with the nand. Also you might just copy the WHOLE card and put it in a bootmii folder that way its all there and you wont see bootmii everytime you start the wii


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