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Thread: HELP!!! I think I just bricked my Wii

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    HELP!!! I think I just bricked my Wii

    So I was following this guide on my 4.0U Wii because I couldn't install cIOS 38 r14:

    I got all the way to step 3 and when I tried to load up Trucha's Bug Restorer again for step 4 my screen froze at a black screen. I couldn't turn off the Wii at this point and I left it for about 2 minutes until I just decided to pull the power cord.

    I turned on the Wii again and my Wii was taken to the BootMii menu. This is my first time on this menu as I set my bootMii to boot2 before the tweaking. Now my Wiimote will not turn on and I am stuck at this screen. What do I do?

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    press the reset button.
    press the power button to move.

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    or just take out the sd card.

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    Press the RESET button on your wii ONCE. That should load the wii up just fine.
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    same answer lol

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    Good work, I'll put this in the bricked section where it should have been posted


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