I am having a problem ripping backup games back to iso files. My friend has a bunch of Wii games he has backed up on DVD-r (he used verbatim discs and Imgburn). I want to rip them back to sio format so I can load them with USB Loader GX. I had no problem with the first 10 or so discs. I used Imgburn to convert them back to iso. but now every disc I try to do I get a read error about half way through. It starts out with a read speed around 8x, but when I get to about halfway it drops to 2x, and then drops to 0. I dont understand why the first 10 discs worked fine, but now every single one I try fails. I know you can just install them using USB Loader, but it takes a lot longer and I was getting a lot of problems doing it that way too. It stall at about 30% when I try to do it with USB Loader GX. At first I thought it was the discs, but the first 10 that I did all failed with USB Loader, but worked fine with Imgburn. Any ideas why either program keeps failing?