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Thread: Scarface Black Screen

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    Scarface Black Screen

    This isn't a MAJOR issue but I'd LOVE to play this game so if anyone could help that'd be just grand. I have the ISO for Scarface on my CORRECTLY formatted HDD with other games on it that work. I am using the latest update of USB Loader GX on my Wii. Now, when I attempt to start the game, all I get is a black screen and my Wiimote shuts off. Any help would be appreciated. Have thorough explainations but don't baby me pl0x. Thanks in advance.

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    Black and Green

    Yea I am having the same issue with certain games, Sim City Creator, Ghostbusters.. Not sure, but hopefully someone will help!! Please!!

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    Us Same Here

    Am having the same issue, any help will be great.
    I have solved my problem with Scarface, the problem is that my ISO only had the game partition. It was around = 3.89GB. I then used a full, 1:1 copy of Scarface and it works. The Full ISO size is 4.7GB.
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    Do not force the video.

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