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Thread: MODERN WARfare Reflex CODES

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    MODERN WARfare Reflex CODES

    HEY EVERYONE, i am playing Modern warfare right now!!ADD ME! my code is 092-145-368-606 PLEASE ADD ME BEFORE REPLYING WITH YOUR FREIND CODE!!
    Wii Friend Code: 4470 0658 7847 4503

    Please Remember To click the button if I have helped you!

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    hey there im adding u! mine is 0449 4196 8079. c u online

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    mwr fc: 1908-5223-4275 allredy added yours, cya ingame

  4. #4 Join Today! F.C.: 3363-6184-9692 I won't add you unless you join I don't add non-members

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    I add all of you my reflex code is: 010-960-422-299

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    I added all of u exept Zintendo!I don't want to join.

    my fc:0397-3299-3805

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    Added most I don't get it , do people who's code i put in see my request on their wii or do they have to put my code in for them to see me on their wii
    my code is 255312329801 name lucky

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    they have to put your code too

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    Here's my code --> 054870904113 (Quagmire)

    Add me, I try and play online a lot!

    Let me know if you add me, and I'll add you!
    PS .... This is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated

    COD MWR FC: 054870904113
    Send a msg to let me know if you added me, and I'll return the favour.

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    I added all of you above (except Zintendo) my fc is 493766848809

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