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Thread: I need a programmer! The Homebrew Channel DVD player Idea!

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    Question I need a programmer! The Homebrew Channel DVD player Idea!

    ok so i dont wanna mod my wii with a chip and i thought all hope was lost. Then i saw the homebrew channel and installed it with the twilight hack. I see that it runs homebrew and that they have emu's and other app, but i was thinking about a DVD player.

    on other sites, ive read that a DVD player on the wii would not work because it would ware out the laze more easily. That being said, how about a USB DVD Drive, something like the USB Gecko or an external hdd.

    I thought the DVD drive would be better than external hdd b/c you would not have to rip images off of DVD's. I then thought that if the USB dvd drive would work with the wii,, than that takes away the drive chip and then it opens up a lot of areas that can be explored.

    Design: standard DVD drive (RW mostlikely) and mabye dual layer support. Then and esternal enclosure or something that hooks up to either SATA or EIDE for the drive. Then from there the usb port to the wii and it would be powered by the wii power adapter just like some of the after market fans.

    I was looking around ebay for a cheap external drive. I can get a memorex drive for about $45 fairly easily and its also dual layer.

    I dont know if this would work, but its worth a shot, and if im posting this in the wrong place please let me know where i should re post it

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    what the point, it going through that much troble you can just buy a dvd player for like 50 dollars now

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    true, but if you read the whole post, having the extra DVD player also takes away the wii drive chip and should allow you to play anything run off of the disk, hopefully through the homebrew channel or possibly the wii itself if a programmer or myself can figure out the code, so basically if this happens, i believe that the possibilities are endless

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    I'd say wait and hope the rumors of some kind of usbmass support come through from nintendo. Then there may be a greater chance to get something like this to work, with more native support from official firmware to tap into.

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