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Thread: Burned GC Games On Modded Wii?

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    Burned GC Games On Modded Wii?

    OKay i recently wanted to play some old Gamecube games like capcom vs snk 2, NFS Underground 2, etc, so i wanted to know how could i play burn gamecube games on a modded wii??

    I just downloaded a USA NFS Underground 2, burn it to a Verbatim dvd-r
    tried it on the wii, with Neogamma, and started it up. Nothing happens, it gets a green screen then it restarts the wii?

    DO i need to switch any neogamma settings around??

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    Have you got HBB? (Homebrewbrowser)

    I believe there was some software there that could boot GC games, although i dunno if that applies to cd's. Just look at the utilities tab.

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    you need to install a mios to run gamecube games.


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