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Thread: 1 1/2 Year Old Brick

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    1 1/2 Year Old Brick

    I've searched through the forums on this site and others, to not much avail. I will fill you in the best possible.

    Wii - Possible Launch Wii, had a CycloWiz installed.

    I took that wii from my friend in March of 08, as he wanted to update the firmware on his cyclowiz chip to accomodate the new firmware that was going to be required for Mario Kart. This involved soldering on a few wires to the chip and to a serial cable so that I could plug it into a pc to run the flasher program. This all seemed sucessful and as my friend was doing the flash it locked up. We assumed we had a failed flash on the chip, so I removed the chip and cleaned up the board where it was. It could still play retail versions of our games. I put the chip back on and attempted to start from scratch, but then it just started loading to the blackscreen. I get no health and safety, nothing. I have removed the chip entirely at this point and don't really care to use it, a non-modded or soft modded is fine with me. Still black screens.

    I no longer have the wiimote that was synced to it at the time, so I can't test it out to see if it could be the bluetooth module. If my memory serves me I do NOT think it would start with the wiimote, leading me to now think that it could be a bad module.

    When it quit working, I had it sent to a repairer, and they were not able to find the problem and said it was a motherboard issue. Which makes me wonder if the bluetooth module was a known problem around April 08? Was that possibly overlooked?

    Now when I turn it on, the blue led blinks once, drive spins up, accepts and ejects discs, and will even act as if it was trying to load them.

    I have used savemiifrii and can load to a 3.2(USA) recovery screen. At this point I released the buttons and put in Mario Kart Wii, it acts if it is loading goes to a black screen and stays frozen. Do I need to keep holding the buttons as I put in the Wii disc? Do I need to have the disc in system, then launch savemiifii?

    One last note is after I do savemiifii and put mario kart in, after it loads up to black screen I wait awhile and eject it. At this point the drive won't spin up unless I wait awhile, or reseat the cable connections. Might just be a lose cable coincidence.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. If it sounds unrepairable, it won't break my heart, as I still have my virgin launch wii.

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    take the bluetooth module out of your good wii and put it in that wii for testing purposes. Also look into booting games from the recover menu. some games work. Some SSBB's work and they can do the smash stack. NSMB RETAIL will update to 4.1 and maybe fix it. Zelda Twilight princess has a hack for it to run homebrew apps. Try these or other advise. Just search around for recovery menu stuff.


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