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Thread: Modding DSLite and DSi question

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    Modding DSLite and DSi question

    Hey all just wanted some feedback on a couple mods. First the M3i that works on the Ds lite and DSi. And second the R4DS that only works on the DS lite models. The R4DS is only 10 bucks CDN and supposively works on just the ds lite. And the M3i works on bothe but is more like 30 CDN. I was thinking of getting a couple R4DS.s for my kids 2 ds lites and a M3i for my girl that has the DSi. Any help on this decision would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Before you purchase any flash cards, I recommend you check out some different brands first, and consider your specifications and the way you or your children will be using the cards.

    For example, I recommend both the Acekard or the EZ-Flash V. The Acekard offers great compatibility (first r4 card for DSi, etc...), while the EZ-Flash V offers real time save, which means you can save your games any time, without using a savespot, or save during a battle if you are about to die, etc...

    I suggest, if you can, ask your kids what they want with a flash card, say that they want to download/play Gameboy games, there are flash cards such as the iPlayer that offer that, and such.

    I get knowledge by personal experience, and I learned by trial and error. I bought many flash cards before I figured I should search online for what others think was a good flash card. This wasn't the best way to learn, as it was costly because I bought some defective/useless cards a lot and ended up throwing them away, so I must repeat that I recommend you to check out some reviews or testimonials, check out some other people's opinions, and even check some different retailers to find the best price, and decide carefully which cards you want. Hope my information was useful.
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    Also, to answer your question, I recommend the TTDS for DS lite systems, and the Acekard 2i for the DSi.


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