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Thread: Great, followed messie's guide, but....

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    Question Great, followed messie's guide, but....

    Hi All

    This is my first post.
    I've just followed Messie's guide and soft modded my 4.2E
    all works fine can play backups and also use
    USB loader gx.
    I've not loaded preloader yet though?
    My question is now everything works, is it safe to
    update the hombrew channel, as now asks each time I
    start it?
    Also I'm Reading threads on gamecube backups.
    If I understand right, you cannot load GC isos from a external USB
    hard drive?, but if I manage to create a multigame GC iso, would that
    load of a USB external hard drive?

    Thanks for any help you can give cheers adamb

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    I followed the guide and updated the homebrew channel without any problems at all, i'm just wondering why you didn't install priiloader since you followed the guide.


    As for loading gamecube games from an external drive I heard you can't do it though I may be wrong, those multigame iso's I know nothing about =P

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    Gamecube games need to run from disk. I'm sure as the wiis with the new drive chip become more prevalent and as disk loading is become a thing of the past for most softmodders anyway, someone will find a workaround.


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