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Thread: USB Loader GX cant find my HDD

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    USB Loader GX cant find my HDD

    so ive googled alot to get it work and i just dont know what to do anymore i got 150GB drive Maxtor and i readed lot of guides and other but USB Loader GX still wont find my HDD even it got power on. ive tryed format my HDD to FAT32 and tryed it like that then to WBFS but still nothing.

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    try pluging it in to the other usb port

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    Um is your drive even compatable with the wii?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    Um is your drive even compatable with the wii?
    thats a good question cos i dont even know. how do i know if it even works with my wii or not?

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    Hi there is a topic on tells you what hdd are working with the wii =)

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    I've got the same problem as my USB loader GX doesn't load after pressing the A button. It just goes back to the main menu without ever loading. What could be wrong? I have everything else fine, but none of my applications seem to want to load. Is there a setting that I need to change or something? Please help guys!

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    what model HDD are you using?

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    Maxtor 250GB HDD i have no idea where i can find that post where is info what HDD wii supports or USB Loader GX.

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    thanks ima continue fighting lol


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