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Thread: help playing games through USB

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    help playing games through USB

    I'm really new to all this Wii thing, got my computer couple of days ago. I got a guy I know to softmod my Wii and then when I got it it had both NeoGamma and USB Loader gx.

    I think I have fromatted my hard drive right (FAT32) and then with the WBFS manager.

    But still both of those apps don't detect the hard drive!

    I tried to setup this on my own again, installed cIos rev 13. Then I got the message from NeoGamma that the version of it I used was made for rev14! but it still let me run it.

    Then all of a sudden one game appeared (1 of 3 btw) and I tried it, but then the error #001 unauthorized device had been detected.

    so I updated the rev to 14 again, and now nothing happens!

    do you got any idea what could be wrong?

    and btw I'm using my old Maxtor One Touch 160 gb If that's something that should be wrong (even If the computer detected it when I got rev 13)
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    well, never mind, I just think that the hard disk isn't compatable with wii. I tried Super mario galaxy on my memory stick (only 4 gb) and it works!

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