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Thread: Question about Bootmii.

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    Question about Bootmii.

    Hi I just had a quick question. I have bootmii on my wii as Boot 2 or whatever it's called, example when I load wii is goes to that menu thing.

    I'm installing many things lately and I'm afraid about bricking my wii. Can I backup all my wii stuff with BOOTMII AGAIN? Like make a NAND Backup incase I brick. I installed Bootmii and made that nand backup already about 6 months ago, but I want to do it again now. Is that safe?


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    Come on someone help me out...

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    Yeah you can. BootMii works like a boot2 (Pushing the start button starts boot1, which starts boot2, which starts boot3/menu), and bootmii replaces the boot2 and will avoid the potential brick (So even if your wii is bricked, BootMii will load if you still have the bootmii directories on the SD card).

    When you start up your wii, go to the cog on the right side. Then choose the icon with the arrow from the wii to the SD card. That will make a copy of the whole NAND memory and just insert the card in your computer and copy the files you got into a directory where it can just be copied back in case of a brick. You need about 500 mb to back up though. I guess it'll take 15 min or so. If you brick the wii, just copy the backed up file to the sd card and choose the icon with arrow from SD card to wii.

    .. What a mess :| I hope you got the general idea tho.

    Didnt read the part that you've already made a backup, so you should know the whole thing. And you can take as many backups as you want, no worries.
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    Thanks so much!

    I'll wait before I make another backup NAND just so someone can confirm that ^


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