Is there no hardware modding forum on wii-hacks? Does anyone know of any good hardware modding forums?

I'm interested in trying things like DVD drive window mods, and changing the power LEDs from green/red to white/blue. There's plenty of resources for the 360, and I've had success in making drive windows and LED mods on my 360, but I haven't been able to find a similar forum for wii hardware mods.

Questions I wanna ask are,

- What size LEDs does the dvd slot bezel use? They look at least twice as long as a 0603 smd. Would putting two 0603 smd leds in series accomplish the same thing?

- The two-way power led, how does one go about changing it to different colors? Is it the same principle as the xbox 360 ring of light mods for keeping the red error light?

If this question is a no-no, sorry in advance. I just want an info source for hardware mods.