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Thread: is it safe ?

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    is it safe ?

    my friend did a wii update on a virgin wii and it didnt finish updating it had a error code on screen,
    ive tryed to update it again for him but it wont even start the update it just hangs their for a few minutes then error code 32004 on the screen. nintendow support says it might be their servers have a high amount of traffic.

    the wieird part is the menu itself has changed from 4.0e to 4.2e altho it never finished installing,
    would it be safe for him to soft modd it still or should he keep trying to get the wii update first ?

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    fix the issues first. He can't go any higher than 4.2. If his Wii has a severe crash or bricks because of nintedo updates they can and will fix if under warranty. If it is softmodded and during the process he gets a brick nintendo will charge the price of a new Wii to fix it or just send back and say sorry you are out of luck.

    this is nintendo's explanation of error 32004
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    its a virgin wii mate ive pulled the power cord out for 10 seconds and switched it back on and its updating fine now,
    thanks for the info will keep it in mind


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