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Thread: Serious help PLEASE.

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    Serious help PLEASE.

    So i got the SSBB mario error after the first fight with kirby. i went to go install the IOS36 64 v1042 BUT what i didnt pay attention to was that this .wad was for rev8 and i have rev14 is this my problem? anyway now my wii goes to a black screen every time i try to run ANY app. i tried to uninstall it using wad manger AND bootmii but neither will work. if someone would please help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it. i formatted my wii and tried re soft modding it but the loader for the hombre channel wont work. i searched for something but all i got was how to unbrick for version 4.1 i have 4.2 =/ seriously i need some help people i really dont know what to do.

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    its alright that you have rev 8 lol everyone does, its just the newest neogamma loader.... anyway, i think you installed a corrupted wad... what else did you do out of the oridinary?
    4.1U Cios38rev14 Neogamma R8beta7


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