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Thread: Need a little help putting a game on SD Card

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    Need a little help putting a game on SD Card

    Hi I'm new here and do not understand most of the programs. I softmodded my wii with Dogeggs wonderful walkthrough. Now I want to put a game on an SD card and be able to play it. Do I need other programs to do this? How do I make the iso file size smaller? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    What you need is wiiscrubber to make the game smaller. Then you need to get WBFS manager to format your SD card to WBFS format. NOTE it will erase everything on the SD card. That means you need either neogamma r7 or r8 or usb loader gx as a channel.
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    I suggest the same as thucnao replied - And you're gonna want to load the desired games on a seperate SD card - not the one with your apps and wads on it.

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    Thank you so much for your help. But when I did WBFS manager to format my SD card to WBFS format. I put it in my wii and load it with NeoGamma it says "error mounting wbfs". Any suggestion?

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    Use a different USB device, WD HDD work the best.
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