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Thread: Guitar Hero DLC packs

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    Guitar Hero DLC packs

    I'm wondering how to properly play songs from a DLC update pack. I used the tutorial to get my Wii to 4.1 and I just a little confused as to what I need to do for the GH packs.
    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated,

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    Im pretty sure the DLC pack is in a .wad format. So use wad manager to install it and you should have the DLC pack installed.
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    Well I gues what I have is a update, it's only a few songs. I imagine that once I unzip them they'll be a wad file. Correct? Or will it be something I can just open while the game is in play if I put it on an SD card

    Again thanks for the input, I just don't won't to mess anything up. Already bricked 1 Wii by mistake


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