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Thread: Should I update my Wii to play newer games?

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    Should I update my Wii to play newer games?

    Hi! This is my first post, so please don't flame me. I have a hard modded Wii with the first gen wiikey. My Wii is on ver. 3.1U. I tried loading a couple of newer games including the New Super Mario Bros and it asks me to update my system. Should I update or will it brick? I don't want to to go softmod, so how can I play the newer games? TIA

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    If you are modchip only, you have no other choice but to update. Update from the disk, NOT THE OFFICIAL NINTENDO UPDATE, or else you'll be at 4.2 and unable to play out of region games. The NSMB will take you to 4.1 and install the ios files needed.


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