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    I cannot seem to find any info in this forum regarding my problem. I had a WiiKey installed by another person and now do not know what version it is. I realize that I am going about this a little backward - install WiiKey then do all the research afterwards but I have to start somewhere and I guess this is where. If this question is answered elsewhere on this forum please feel frere to flame me at will for my impatience in finding it.

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    well you should be able to access the settings for the wiikey right? it should show the version in the top right corner.if it needs an update,which i doubt,then just download the latest version from the wiikey site and burn it to disc,pop it in and the firmware should update automatically.I take it your only problem is not knowing what version it is right?Hope this helps.

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    I'm gettin it

    Thanks - just being silly - could not find version number. Have a long way to go and got stuck on the silly crap. Back to the books - at least I can move forward now. Forum is kinda handy for that stuff. Thanks again.


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