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Thread: Forwarder for usb-loaderGX

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    Unhappy Forwarder for usb-loaderGX

    Hi, i've a WII4.1e updated through the safe updater to 4.2e cIOS38rev15,IOs249,IOS22/223, usb-loaderGX from SD-card, La Cie 500Gb. HBC 1.0.6.IOS60 v.21.29

    I load now usb-loader from sd-card, but i want to install it like a forwarder, but don't know what files i really need and where i put them on my sd-card.
    Then wich steps to perform to install it like a forwarder-(NOT a channel)
    And how to use the wad manager to install a forwarder???
    Can someone help me out????

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    What extactly are you trying to do? Install USB loader GX as a channel on the wii instead of the SD card? If so you just install "USBLoaderGXr850.wad", the files it needs would be need to be stored SD:\apps\usbloader_gx.
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    Take a look at THISsticky by modderman. It should help you out.
    Dont forget the THANKS button if I helped you out at all.

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    No i want to instal USB-LoaderGX as a forwarder-channel, that's different like a channel, it seems a forwarder need 1.18mb less by installing, so that's why and the case that updating to newer version you only need one file to change, and i believe i read that are 2 files needed on the sd-card, but wichone excactly i don't know. And where to places on the sd-card??
    And then with the wadmanager shall i need in the beginning select IOS249 er IOS38????? (sorry for my english, i'm dutch)


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