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Thread: Silent Hills Shattered Memories Backup

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    Silent Hills Shattered Memories Backup

    Before anyone tells me to use the search feature, I have. Everything they recommended trying doesn't work for me. I haven't tried running it from a usb yet, but that's because I don't have one over 2gb. Is it even possible to run this game from off of the disc? When I use the backup launcher I get the Error #002, and when I use neogamma r8 the disc comes up in the disc channel but when I try to load it the screen goes black and a message appears saying "Please eject the disc and restart your wii. Blah blah blah". Is there something I'm missing? Or does this game only work when you run it off a usb?

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    Did you adjust the anti/error fix in the setting of the loader.

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    I don't even see an option to change that setting :/

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    You obviously dont know what you are doing and you obviously didnt search very hard. The 002 error is because you are missing the ios thats needed to play the game. I am not sure which ios that game uses but if you use wiiscrubber to open up the game, it will show you what ios it uses and you could even extract it from the game and install it using wad manager. Another way to find out what ios the game uses is to use wiipatcher. Also theres a thread on here that lists tons of games and what ios the game uses.
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    I said screw it and got a new memory stick and it works on that.

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    I tried this with neogamma with latest cIOS and worked with no problems...


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