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    [COLOR="Sienna"]Alrighty I came across this site a few days ago, and downloaded and burned Anical Crossing and Medal of Honors both with sucess.

    Now I tried to download New Super Mario Bros Wii, this is the specific files I downloaded:

    Hippyfreak's WII "ISO ONLY" thread - Page 93

    I downloaded the links from that thread ^^

    Now, I did the normal things I would when ripping wii games... extract to folder, burn image with IMGBURN with DVD-R disc etc.

    However then I got an error. I can't find the log so sorry

    But I then tried changing my disc to a DVD+RW. That worked! IMGBURN had no errors and it succesfully completed. When I tried to load the disc though it wouldn't work. I tried loading with Backup Loader first. I would go to launch game, and then it would be a black screen and then it would come back to the menu of back up loader.

    I then tried with ULoader but THAT didn't work, I even tried with Neogamma and even that just sent me back to it's menu.

    I ALSO tried what the person who gave the links for this said,

    "This is the Channel Loader for it. This is a .Wad that will allow you to boot the game directly from the Wii Menu."

    I downloaded that and it's on my channels but that will just say that no item found when I load it and I get an error

    I then googled for a bit of time and came across this:

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii -

    I followed the intructions and PATCHED MY ISO. I then burned again and it was succesul.

    When I went to play it in my wii SAME thing happened!


    Any sort of help is appreciated

    Information you might need to solve my problem:

    * Wii version is 4.2

    Oh sorry I forgot to add that my console is NTSC.

    AND, I also tried going here,

    THAT also didn't work

    - If you need more info just ask in the thread please!

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    Someone clearly hasn't take the time to read the rules of the site. Putting Help in your title is against site rules.

    As far as NSMB read this:

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    I'm so sorry I was unaware of that rule. I have already read that guide.

    For Disc-Loader Users (no ModChip, only cIOS):
    The patched game (see below) works fine with rev14 and NeoGamma/SoftChip.

    That is what I'm doing when I'm loading off a DVD right? ^


    Patching/Fixing the ISO:

    1) Download WiiScrubber 1.40
    2) Run the "MakeKeyBin.exe"
    3) Open WiiScrubber, and select your ISO
    4) Search for the main.dol -> right click -> Extract
    5) Download THIS and THIS
    6) Open PPF-Patcher, choose the main.dol for input and the PPFf-Patch for your region, and klick apply.
    This is the patched main.dol that you can use for alt.dol-Loading. If you want to patch the ISO, read further.
    7) Back in WiiScrubber, search again for the main.dol, right klick -> Replace and select the patched main.dol

    ^ I did that but it still doesn't work.

    Moar help pleasE?

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    Are you sure that the release you are patching was a clean copy and not previously patched?

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    Well the copy said this: New Super Mario Bros Wii, then if you go to it it also says,

    With fixed dol!!! in blue at the bottom

    Does that answer your question? Im sorry I'm not too knowledgable with all this.


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