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Thread: Usb Loader Gx and Graphics distortion

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    Usb Loader Gx and Graphics distortion

    I am using usb loader Gx wii system 4.1

    These games listed below have white and green distortion during game play.

    Dead space
    Resident evil 4
    Resident evil archives
    Silent Hill

    I have tried numerous game launch settings.

    Any tips how to get rid of this. The games play fine off the disc.

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    Make sure your usb loader gx is updated.

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    Everything is up to date. Not sure whats going on but all those games have very simliar graphic effects. Which leads me to think I am missing something they need.

    UP Date, my worst fears are are true. My wii has come down with a nasty case of artifacts. The gpu is bad.
    Time for new wii.
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