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Thread: Black screen wii! Help please...

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    Black screen wii! Help please...

    Ok so I was downgrading my 4.2u wii to 3.2u and everything worked fine until i wanted to play a game, Just Dance. I realized I needed to be on the latest firmware or close to it, 4.1u. So I used an app to upgrade to 4.1u. It finished but froze, so I just shut down the wii and rebooted it. Nothing comes up, no, audio or video. The wii disk drive is responsive, the light comes on and i can hear like a disk spinning. I installed before the Low-level brick bootmii as ISO. I dont have preloader. I dont know what to do... Please someone i need help. I dont have a NAND backup because i dont know what that is.

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    you bricked bro... as far as i know you CANNOT downgrade 4.2 at all.. i would like to know what guide you followed to downgrade
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    It was on youtube. Simple but, i have bootmii that doesnt help?

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    umm to be honest.... i think your pretty much screwed because even messie's outstanding 4.2 guide says there is absolutely no way to downgrade as of yet..... (the guide is up to date), so......i'm not sure what to do lemme try to get a hold of TealC he knows what he's talking about... gimme a minute
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    alright man i started a thread, just wait im sure someone will answer
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    How did you update? What app?
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