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Thread: CIOSCORP 4.2U problem

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    CIOSCORP 4.2U problem

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I dusted off my Wii that I bought about 3 years ago last week and started looking into softmodding it. The version that I was running was 3.3. I installed homebrew channel through bannerbomb and everything was great. I then installed cioscorp 3.5 and although it flipped my HBC the install went through smoothly. Problem was that I still couldn't play any backups through the disc channel.

    I foolishly upgraded my system to 4.2u and uninstalled the HBC. Now when I go to put it back on it says something about a vulnerable IOS and that I pretty much can't do anything. Is there a work around for this or should I just give up completely?

    I honestly don't understand why it didn't work in the first place because I had cioscorp installed and everything seemed to be fine. Maybe it was a problem with the DVD backups or something I really have no clue.

    Anyyway thanks in advance if anyone knows any solution for this problem. I've looked around but nothing seems to be working for me so I figured I'd try out the board.

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    just follow this guide from the beginning.... leave your wii as is, dont uninstall everything. if you think you have this stuff installed already, STILL install... you'll be alright.. if you need help PM me
    4.1U Cios38rev14 Neogamma R8beta7

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    cIOSCORP is a mare and if you look around these forums, you'll find lots of issues arising from having it - I know from recent experience.

    I successfully uninstalled it today at my Wii life is now so much simpler.

    Here's a useful post with the link to the uninstaller:

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    Thanks so much for the info.

    I followed the guides and everything seems to be back up and running. I have bootmii installed as well as DVDx and the HBC.

    So is cioscorp now going to be worth it?

    I would really like to softmod my Wii and I've heard some stuff about neogamma would this be a better way to go?

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    neogamma r8 is what you need.. very simple to use bro... dont install cioscorp...
    4.1U Cios38rev14 Neogamma R8beta7

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    ok so i have neogamma set up and it was definitely easy.

    now the problem is i burned a backup disc at 2X speed but on a DVD+R and I keep getting a DVD read error. I understand that DVD-R is supposed to be the way to go but right now I've only got +R's in the house. is this really going to make that much of a difference or could I be looking at another problem all together?

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    this is a differnet prob.... i anways use +R bro and they never let me down anyway.... make sure you HAVE DVDX installed....also make sure you are running cios38rev14 on your system... my guess is you need to fuck with your config settings.. a lot of games will make you mess with your config settings.. a truly simple fix no worries... what game are you trying ti play
    4.1U Cios38rev14 Neogamma R8beta7

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    I'm just trying to play a backup of Excite Truck. Figured it'd be a good game to start out with since it's pretty old but I'm just not getting anything going.

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    Can I ask why not use cIOSCORP instead of NeoGamma?

    With cIOSCORP, I can load backup discs directly from the Disc channel.

    With NeoGamma, I have to launch the channel & then select launch DVD.

    To me, cIOSCORP seems simpler...


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