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Thread: CIOSCORP 4.2U problem

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    CIOSCORP 4.2U problem

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I dusted off my Wii that I bought about 3 years ago last week and started looking into softmodding it. The version that I was running was 3.3. I installed homebrew channel through bannerbomb and everything was great. I then installed cioscorp 3.5 and although it flipped my HBC the install went through smoothly. Problem was that I still couldn't play any backups through the disc channel.

    I foolishly upgraded my system to 4.2u and uninstalled the HBC. Now when I go to put it back on it says something about a vulnerable IOS and that I pretty much can't do anything. Is there a work around for this or should I just give up completely?

    I honestly don't understand why it didn't work in the first place because I had cioscorp installed and everything seemed to be fine. Maybe it was a problem with the DVD backups or something I really have no clue.

    Anyyway thanks in advance if anyone knows any solution for this problem. I've looked around but nothing seems to be working for me so I figured I'd try out the board.

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    Look in the guides section for a guide to fix the no vulnerable ios

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    how to fix no vunerable ios

    you have to re install ios30-64-1040.wad
    i had this problem too, re-install the ios, then run the hackmii installer v6

    if you need to, email me at i can send you the ios


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