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Thread: Wiiflow doesn't like my hdd?

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    Wiiflow doesn't like my hdd?

    Wiiflow 1.1 light won't save covers, themes, music etc to the hdd. I have sys menu 4.2u and a WD Passport Essential with a 100gb FAT32 partition and a 400gb WBFS part. USB Loader GX is working, but I would like to replace that with Wiiflow. My SD card is getting full, so I would like to save to the hdd if possible.

    I edited the wiiflow.ini to point the directories to the usb/wiiflow, but that just gave me a screen dump. The entry "data_on_usb=no" is not present. I even added "data_on_usb=yes" but that had no effect. I am currently launching Wiiflow through HBC. I'm not gonna install the forwarder until I get this working.

    Please help, Wiiflow is nice and I would love to get it to work. I couldn't find any clear wiiflow install guides.


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    From what I know, you have to save that info on an sd card.
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    Well, it says in the readme that it will use the usb drive by default unless I tell it to use the sd card. I am supposed to "install" the contents of the zip to the hd instead of the sd card, but of course, it needs wiiflow in the apps folder of the card to work. I tried both wiflow 249 and 222. I edited the wiiflow.ini as well. I am using the forwarder starlight channel.


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