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Thread: Usb loader gx help

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    Usb loader gx help

    i keep getting a code dump on it. i got 4.0u

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    you will have to give a bit more information
    what revision are you using?
    what you are doing when it code dumps?

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    only thing i really got done to it is the trucha hack

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    if you are having problems with usb loader gx here is Wiiflow, it is much much better :
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    anywhere i can get that in wad form

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    I get code dumps on usb loader gx startup if the nunchuk is connected...
    So I just connect the nunchuk afterwards.

    Maybe this helps for you...

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    I'm fairly new to the Wii modding scene so my issue might be just due to being a noob ( we all were at one point, right ? ) Anyway when I load Tales of Symphonia dawn of a new world I get a blank screen, could this be due to errors within the ISO itself or am I doing something wrong ? I am on Version 1.0 r807 of the USB Loader, I am also using a 600Gb external Hdd as the USB device, would the power supply to the external drive be causing any issues ? I figured I would post here because its a fairly general thread title and I see no need to clutter up your boards with more noob threads. Thanks in advance.


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