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Thread: Bricked korean Wii with 4.2 Update

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    Unhappy Bricked korean Wii with 4.2 Update


    I am kind of new to this and thought OMG when the update accidently began.
    Pulling of the power cord was too late and now my Wii (korean version, previously 4.0U) is 4.2 and starts up with "Error 003: unauthorized device detected".

    What exactly will I need to recover this?

    I have:
    - no NAND backup / key for my Wii
    - no Savemii
    - no UDDs

    Please help.


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    is it modded?
    hope you can fix it. there are several issues on error003. i've seen them.
    and you mean you don't have savemii or it won't work?
    if you don't have, it's worth trying savemii/savemiifrii w/ gc.

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    yeah, it's modded.

    I dont have savemii and i dont have a GC either.

    Perhaps I can get a hold on one of those controllers today..

    Will try it 4 sure.

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    I have had similar problem
    I just purchased one and it went on automatically to upgrade when I connected to internet
    and at the end it said Error 3
    The USB drive or other wii fit plus CD didnot work
    Dr Jamkar


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