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Thread: wiil this hard ddrive work ?

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    having probs installing usbloader ?

    hi just woundering if this hdd will work with mi wii
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    Click the you failed to search link in my signture... there must be a comptability list around here somewhere. Might even be a link in my link...

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    Cheers for your reply , ive seemed to have got every thing sorted , got the hdd got wii on homebrew on mi wii, then i went into the homebrew channel to install usb laoder , clicked on it to install but no joy getting a error message saying some thing about cuming back when ive got Icos installed... im running mi wii in Fw 4.2e just woundering if you have got any ideas on how to sort it
    cheers again

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    cios installed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamlegend View Post
    cios installed?
    yea m8 sorry says something about that any ideas


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