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Thread: Make another nand backup ??

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    Make another nand backup ??

    Hi having just recently softmodded my Pal 4.1e Wii with the excellent guide on these very forums just a bit confused regards this nand backup. at the time off softmodding I carried out the neccesary steps to copy the nand from my Wii and have this stored on my pc should it ever be required. since this nand back up was made I have carried out a lot off extra softmodding ie. added mplayer, usb loaders etc etc etc !!! so just a bit confused if it is worth doing another nand backup now ??

    was under the impression that if a brick ever took place then thae nand was used to return the Wii back to how it originally was ie. pre softmodded ??? would I be correct in saying that if I now take another nand back up all the extra items added to my wii ie. these loaders. seperate menu channels etc etc etc will all be backed up and again should the worst ever happen then with the help off this new nand backup the wii can be returned to exactly the state it is in now - in other words all my hard work will still be there ??!!!


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    Think of the nand backup as something like a windows restore point. you can backup the nand anytime you want so you can restore it to the point it worked best for you.

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    Cant remember but does a nand itself use any blocks from the Wii system ?? I remember reading regards having a minimum number off blocks but not sure if it uses anything itself making this new nand ??


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