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    I am a noob, well only for the wii hacking wise most other consoles i have ample knowledge about hacking. Well I recently came across a problem with my game new super mario Bros Wii, when I started the game and booted up with no color and the screen output was to large for my tv. I am using a flashdrive on NEO GAMMA r7 and r8 the beta 15 or something this problem occurs. P.S. The game and loads fine put its black and white and the screen ouput is just too large.Sorry If a thread already had this
    Edit: INcase this helps i used WBFS 3.0
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    black and white sounds like out of region game, try downloading other backup

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    okay thanks but i have a Usa console and the game backup i downloaded was described as USA but ill try but any more suggesttions would be nice
    I messed around with the setting of neogamma and it worked set the region and stuff thx u gave me the idea
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