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Thread: IOS33-64-v1040.wad install error

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    IOS33-64-v1040.wad install error

    Hi, I got Kidz Sports Crazy Mini Golf and seen from this sight that it used the IOS33-64-v1040.wad so I tried to install that on the wii and it wont install, I keep getting error.

    I have put that wad in my wad folder on the SD card and try installing it on through wad manager 1.3. I have the 3.4E, what am I doing wrong??

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    sounds like it may be the wad...
    Also dont know if this helps but i know there are newer versions of wad manager.

    You wan extract the IOS from the game itself using wiiscrubber...
    As i hear a bad wad can brick your wii.

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    try using wad manager 1.5 and download wad from nus downloader

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    You could also have mentioned what the error was.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks for that, downloaded Wad manager 1.5 and it installed the wad.

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    No probs...
    Feel free to push the thanks button ;P


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