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Thread: modchip or softmod?

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    modchip or softmod?

    I have a modchip ordered, i have a 3.4 wii, i was thinking of doing the softmod tonight, does it work well? i have tried to research it but i have not seen any pros or cons, thanks for any help and advice you can offer

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    most modchips only allow for back ups fro disk. It is a simple thing to use but doesn't have the freedom and control like in softmodding. Softmodding is free and you can play backups from usb devices.

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    Thanks for the info! im gonna go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruiser1 View Post
    Thanks for the info! im gonna go for it!
    I've done both to my Wii. Personally, I like the ability to play burned games from my disc channel (which you can't do with only a softmod) because not all games I've burned work 100% through the soft mod or, conversely, the hard mod either.

    In retrospect, I suggest you just softmod your Wii... or you can use the new WODE mod (which looks absolutely bad @$$ to me).

    (search: WODE)

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    get both, get more games playable

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    I think I am going to go down the modchip route was contemplating softmod but I think I will leave it until I'm more confident with a bit more research to start tinkering properly.


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