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Thread: how to know wich version my wii is?

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    how to know wich version my wii is?

    im kinda noob to this stuff and all i want is to install a backup reader,but i don't know some things.First how do i know wich version my wii is?i know that the latest update is on it but i dont know wich on it is.and secondly,anyone could give me a link to a good tutorialto install what i need to play backups for the latest version(because in my mind its te latest one).oh and if its help its a new one so its a lu66 hope it helps.thanks
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    go to the wii settings and look at the top right side for a number. If it is the latest it will be 4.2. Then go to the guides section and look for a softmod guide to match your system menu version.


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