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Thread: What firmware does the latest support?!?

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    What firmware does the latest support?!?

    So I notice that they conveniently don't show what firmware the latest DriveKey supports on their website...

    I updated my Wii to the very lastest firmware this week (4.2 something) so I need something that would work with that and hopefully most torrented backups (errr my backups).

    Anyone with the latest firmware use DriveKey and have any success with backups?

    P.S. I'm an ABSOLUTE noob with wii hacks so I just want to buy a hardware mod, plug it in, download, and burn a few titles for the kiddies as we're too broke to buy right now.

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    4.2E should be fine, just make sure you use PAL games on there. NTSC ones won't work.
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