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Thread: noob and just modded my 4.1u

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    Us noob and just modded my 4.1u

    I just finished modding my 4.1. It was pretty simple following the guide. There were a few steps you had to figure out like what buttons to push but after that it was easy. Now from my understanding if i want to play backups i burn the iso to a dvd-r and play it. it looks like the backup channel will load the disk right up. I havent tried it yet to see. what is everyones experience with running backups on dvd instead of loading from usb hdd? the usb hdd would work good if i had one big enough layin around but to get to the loader it seems like its alot of steps that if someone didnt have a modded wii wouldnt be able to load. can you play start backups from the usb hdd from the wii menu?

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    Loading to usb is a really easy process. Once it's set up all you have to do is hook your drive up to the computer to load your games, hook it back up to the Wii, and that's it. No switching discs to play a different game - just select it in your loader. Super easy. For loading them some people access their loader through hbc, others install forwarders onto their channel menu which access the loader on the sd card, and it's also possible to install individual game forwarders to the channel menu.

    If you're interested in learning how to set one up, the 3rd link in my signature below shows how.
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