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Thread: my wii brick for a theme

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    Red face my wii brick for a theme

    please helpppp
    i brick (i think) my wii by installing a theme that i create
    then appear a black screen i dont have mod chip
    i dont have starfall,boot mii, preloader nothing
    please tell me how i can unbrick my wii (in case that is a brick)
    i want to play

    (sorry for the bad english PLEASE HELP)

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    Send it off to Nintendo. Or try savemiifrii.

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    Actually, try savemiifrii first. I doubt it will work but if it does, you might, MIGHT have a chance to unbrick it with either a game with a higher firmware than what your wii currently has, or an universal unbricker disc. If all fails, you'll have to send it to the big N.

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    and theres no way i can run preloader or somethig

    and what games can i use???

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    and my wii is 3.2 u with a bad theme jijijiji HELPPPPPP

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    Did you install preloader/priiloader before you got a brick? Try holding reset then booting the wii up. If nothing, then you're kinda screwed.

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    I didn't install anything, could u tell me which games I need for the savemiifrii? please

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    Did you get savemiifrii to work? If yes, you can try Mario Kart Wii. Anything with an update higher than the firmware you're on should work.

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    Oh and Savemiifrii is achieved by either buying the chip, or having a modded GCN controller to press all four directional pad buttons at once on the D-pad.

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    is that the only one that works?
    or do bomberman, chocobo tales or wii play work too?

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