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Thread: Can I uninstall a CIOS

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    Can I uninstall a CIOS

    You install ios36 merged with ios37 install as ios232

    as user Jason34 stated in this thread

    When I should have done this install IOS 37 as IOS 232 (SING THE GH5 Guide)

    Did I do something wrong??? by installing ios36 merged with ios37 rev 7 dip as ios232

    And If so How abouts do i go an undoing my mistake.
    Also for clarification I suppose I should update my system menu aswell??
    Currently on 3.2u and intalled the IOS as stated above and went into softChip and tried running the game using IOS 232 with 002 enabled and still a black screen.

    Sorry guys and thanks so much again : )

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    Do you have ios56 installed? You need that ios to play the game. I also dont know if that game needs softchip or neogamma to run. Id have to go look.
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    Yeah I had IOS56 installed.
    I simply went into Any Titlte Deleter and deleted IOS232 (which was the done the way u stated) ad reinstalled IOS37 with IOS37 rev 7 dip as IOS232 instead of IOS36 with IOS37rev7 dip as IOS232.
    And Neogamma s no compatible with ios232.
    Anywho its all sorted now.
    Playing all GH's and RB's with either neogamma or softchip (ios232)


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