So I've been trying to get my Wii to play NSMBW. I found out that my wii at first was semi bricked so I unbricked it by using a region changer and downgrading to 3.2J. From there I've been trying out the tutorials on these forums to upgrade/fix my wii.

Once I downgraded to 3.2J, I tried using Wiiso to execute NSMBW. The disc worked and everything but in game during the title screen it said the disc wasn't able to be read. I assumed that the problem was something to do with the FW that my wii was on so I used Wiiso to try and upgrade my wii to 4.0J. I ran wad manager, used IOS 249 and ran the update. It said that it updated fine, I restarted my Wii and now some error screen pops up right when my wii gets to the system menu. A Health warning appears, I click A, I see the system menu, and it swaps over to some error (It's in japanese I don't know what it says).

I have HBC installed and that's it.