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Thread: Wii Mod+ Firmware Upgrade+New games

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    Wii Mod+ Firmware Upgrade+New games

    I had my Wii Mod done about a year ago using the D2Pro9v3. I have a D2C version of the Wii Chipset and my firmware is ver 3.3U.

    My questions are -
    #1 Can i upgrade the firmware to a new version which is available when i buy offical new games?
    #2 Will this nullify my earlier games?
    #3 I wanted to buy the Wii Ski and Snowboard game for my kid this christmas. Since this will upgraded the firmware version, will my mod-chip still work for older games? Also the newer games need newer firmware. If i update my firmware to newer version - will my older games still work?

    I do not want to do softmoding...

    Any other ideas if this is not possible?
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    I recently went through this myself with the same modchip and wii chipset;

    1) If your referring to the wii firmware, anything above 4.1 (i am 4.2) and it will disable your chips ability to play out of region games so only ntsc console 2 ntsc games, pal 2 pal etc will work

    2) it shouldn't, your originals and backups will work as long as they of your wii's native region

    3) If you update, your modchip will still play orginal and backup games of your wii's native region only. As well as any new original games.

    It seems to be a big maybe if the d2pro team will release updates for the protection on the new games as well as the region lock issue. I hope the do but we'll have to wait and see.

    hope this helps

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    I updated my Wii firmware version to 4.1U - using the "New Super Mario Bros" game - Now all the older backed-up games are giving error (An error has occured. Please stop and eject the DVD and turn-if off). The original games are working fine.

    I think the wii native's region is ntsc console (since it was purchased in US). Is there wa way to conifrm this? How do i check the backed-up games native region? and can i backup the backed-up games to the Wii's native region ?


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