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Thread: Priiloader question...

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    Priiloader question...

    Hello to all.

    I know this may have been answered in the thousands of posts and threads here but I havent found a definitive answer to my question, and believe me I have done nothing but searched this site since yesterday for this answer.

    Here is the question:

    I want to know if I can install priiloader on my wii to have a little fault protection. I just got a wii and it was updated to 4.2u. I have already installed HBC and whatnot with the help of this tutorial.

    I have looked for tuts on installing priiloader but I am unable to find one... Also, am I able to install it "after" I installed the HBC, Bootmii and USloader??

    Of course bootmii was installed as an IOS.

    Any help with this would be awesome, and again I am sorry if this topic has been posted before but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere.

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    Just run the Priiloader boot.dol and install it. It's a very painless install normally.
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    Where can I find the priiloader pack that contains the boot.dol? And installing it after softmodding is completely fine?

    Thanks for the quick reply!!


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