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Thread: western digital my passport essential usb question please help ASAP

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    western digital my passport essential usb question please help ASAP

    does anybody know where i can get a cheap western digital my passport essential 320 gb? i really need it, my games are all mest up and need to back them up before its to late! oh and pleae dont give me the obvious websites like ebay,amazon, best buy,walmart,western digital store etc.. give me another safe website that sells them... please help me

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    not sure if you consider Costco an 'obvious' choice.

    I bought a 500gb passport for $85, it is even smaller than their previous models of passport drives. It comes with a zipper style pouch as well as a USB HD Dock....your mileage may vary - depending on where you live since I got it from the local store.

    good luck !

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    If you live in the US, Target has a 320GB portable on sale this week for $70I think. I know its compatable cuz I use the 500GB.
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    did u get yours at costco?

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    I check the WD refurbs from time to time to see if the drive I'm looking for ever gets put up. Right now most of the passport models are available. They come with stock warranty and ship from the manufacturer. Western Digital US Online Store
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