Hello all,
Just installed a drive key that I bought claiming to be the latest iteration. It has firmware 1.0.
Burned onto TDK DVD+Rs, 2x with imgburn. NTSC USA wii.

Working games include:
DBZ Tenkaichi 3
Mario Galaxy 3
Mario Kart
Mario Super Sluggers
all of which are NTSC

Problem games:
Virtua Tennis PAL
Call of Duty Modern Warefare Reflex NTSC
Rec Room Games NTSC
Wii Play PAL
All of the above games have the animation in the disc channel, but crash the wii and black screen after pressing start.

Most NTSC games burned onto DVD+R work, but TDK DVD-R with same said games do NOT work. DVD-R did not work for a single game.

My Wii is running firmware 3.3U and prior to modding was a complete untouched.

Any help would be much appreciated!