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Thread: Just confirming a few things...

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    Just confirming a few things...

    After finally successfully modding my Wii, I'm ready to move onto some more goodies. Please think of these more as confirmations then questions as I've did my research and I'm just checking that I'm on the right track. I just want to verify them if you don't mind

    1. IOS's. I know certain games require certain IOS's. If I did a 4.1 update via the 4.1 New Mario Brothers Disc, shouldn't I have most of the required IOS's for just about every game?

    2. I originally skipped installing Priiloader. I went back and read about installing "Patched IOS60" FIRST or I will brick. Is this still true if I installed 4.1 via the New Mario Brother disc update to 4.1? Would 4.1 include IOS60 or is IOS60 a custom IOS for Priiloader and do I HAVE to install it?

    3. Priiloader blocks disc and system updates totally. Does it do this via a password? Like if I install this on my kids Wii, they can never install updates because of a password?

    4. I currently have USB Loader GX on my SD card and I manually open it after my Wii boots up. Do I need to install Priiloader for me to boot automatically into USB Loader GX? That is one of the features of Priiloader?

    5. USB Loader GX again. Can I install that onto my external USB I plan on using as well as emulators and ROMS assuming I run an extra partition as FAT32?

    6. WBFS Manager 3.0. I've already got a good amount of ISO's. If I load all of them into the manager and use the "extract" feature, will that scrub them down to the smaller size so I can back them up? Like, if I do that and trash the original ISO file, I'll still be able to copy that scrubbed ISO to my HDD via the WBFS manager right?

    7. Everything I've read tells me I can insert a retail game disc into my Wii and use the + sign to add the ISO to my external USB drive via the USB Loader GX on the Wii. Is there anyway to use just the PC to create an ISO from the discs safely and then import them to the WBFS Manager and play them that way?


    8. The USB Loader guide I read says in the options, there is a place to set the directories where cover art is stored. It states it MUST BEGIN with SD:.... This makes me believe I have to use a SD card? Can't I backup the cover and label art on my USB external I'm using?

    You guys (and gals?) totally rock and thanks ahead of time for your assistance!

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    1. Yes
    2. With NSMB update you'd get plain IOS60 v6174, you can always patch it later if you need to.
    3. No password, it's an option in priiloader, which they'd need to know how to access.
    4. Priiloader can do that through one of it's options.
    5. Yes you can. HBC will default to SD first, remove SD and it'll check USB.
    6. They'll be extracted as full size iso. They may still be compressible using winrar, if not use Wiiscrubber and then compress. Provided the main data is intact it'll still work on your WBFS volume.
    7. Yes but it involves buying an expensive, no longer manufactured, LG DVD ROM. USB Loaders are the best way to rip.
    8. Yes, just change the option. You can do it through the loader or on your PC by editing the config file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    2. With NSMB update you'd get plain IOS60 v6174, you can always patch it later if you need to.
    And I still need to in order to use priiloader right?

    You answered everything else I need bud. Busy night tonight

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    wait preloader can block system updates? I thought it could only block disc updates.
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    Apparently yes, although I never checked it in the 2 days I had it installed.
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    Yes. In the hacks.ini options 2 and 3 are to disable disc updates and system/online updates.
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