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Thread: Some HB apps go black screen on second boot

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    Some HB apps go black screen on second boot

    Hi all,

    Why is it that certain HB apps...AnyTitleDeleter MOD v6b and Configurable USB Loader work fine from cold boot, but then when I've used them and quit back to the Wii menu and then try to load the same app from HB it gives me the black screen of death?

    Wiimote becomes unresponsive...flashing blue lights at the bottom. Hard reset required?

    Any ideas? Fix? Please help. It's really annoying.

    Thanks and happy holidays / Christmas.

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    I've got this too several times, i really don't know what the problem is, is it HBC? Is it some IOS fault etc.

    Anyway, try to load through Loadmii and see if that works.
    For me, it just worked itself out after a while.
    My Wii
    WiiKey v1 - 4.0E - BootMii/boot2 - Preloader 0.30r4 - Homebrew Channel - cios38r14 - 2GB SD Card

    Region Free - Preloader Hacks
    Skip disc update check - Region Free Wii Discs - region free Wii games_1 - Region free Wii games_2 - Force Disc Region_1 - Force Disc Region_2

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    Are there different versions of HB that I can try?


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